SOMAK 2018


In the area of tension between "boom town" and "forgotten area"

16. bis 18. September, Hohenmölsen


of the Hohenmölsen Cultural Foundation sees itself first and foremost as an advanced training programme for our new academic talent.


The combination of inter-disciplinary presentations with reference to the region, moreover looking beyond the borders, and an excursion through the Zeitz-Weißenfels lignite district in the European metropolitan region of Central Germany promises an interesting exchange between students, professionals, volunteers, the SOMAK team and our guests.


SOMAK is all about presenting and discussing your innovative approaches to future opportunities and problem areas in Central Germany. We also welcome contributions from other regions. The central focus is on life perspectives between home, work, structural and landscape change.

We are focusing on the following questions at this year's event:

Home - Where are we at home? What role do our roots play in the shaping of the future?
How can we develop further our cultural landscapes in an environmentally and socially responsible manner?

Work - What does Work 4.0 mean to us? What will our future worlds of work look like? What working conditions do we need? How can we actively shape structural change?

"Boom town" - Are the only winners the cities? How can the potential of growing metropolitan regions be "brought to the surface"? When can advantages from urban concentration turn into disadvantages?

"Forgotten area" - How can we counteract this? Which initiatives and projects can make rural areas habitable and attractive for people and companies? Is the destruction of settlements a taboo?

Co-operation - Do city and country need each other? What are the co-operations and control processes necessary for a dynamic development? How can you create that "at eye level"? Which examples of successful co-operation exist?


No matter whether students, doctoral candidates, young people who are preparing for their A-levels, have just entered the work process or are still in the phase of identifying their direction - everyone over 16 years of age can participate!


Apply with your own work result (for example project, student or final thesis, concept or idea sketch, special learning achievement). The one thing that is important is that the contribution fits the theme of SOMAK. The range can lie between the directions of technical engineering, social or scientific, commercial, tourism-related and media matters.

The list is by no means exhaustive - what counts for us is originality, innovation and commitment. Both individuals and teams are invited.

The total number of contributions to be presented is limited to 15. A pre-selection by the event organiser will take place if the number of applications is higher than this.


We offer you a stage on which you can present your idea to a proven professional public. Thus contributing to a "pool of ideas" for Central Germany. You obtain expert feedback and are made aware of topic-related networks.
You get to know interesting fellow campaigners on the same subject and receive training in the inter-disciplinary communication of your approach that is necessary in practice. You can publish your idea promptly in the SOMAK documentation.
Moreover, you can win one of the Cultural Foundation's sponsorship prizes*. You will experience an exciting specialist excursion and visit locations to which you have no access in everyday life.

If you are present throughout and actively participate through your contribution (lecture or poster), your idea is also worth 100 euros to us. You will, naturally, receive a certificate of participation.

*The Hohenmölsen Cultural Foundation Sponsorship Prize and Recognition Prizes, which are worth 2,500 euros in total, are awarded.


You present your idea to all SOMAK participants, including responsible actors in our region and talk about it in inter-disciplinary discussion sessions. You will be supported by a team of experts (from, among others, Merseburg Higher Education College, Leipzig University, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, the University of Mining and Technology in Freiburg and MIBRAG mbH).

Presentation formats (in German or English):
  • Lectures (15 min.) with discussion (15 min.)
  • Poster presentation and discussion (15 min.)
  • Videos with comments or other formats are also welcome.

We are looking forward to your suggestions!

Representatives of the Hohenmölsen Cultural Foundation, the SOMAK organisation team and decision-makers from politics, science, business and administration will be available as partners in discussion for all programme items.


SOMAK provided me with:
  • New contacts for further exchange and collaboration
  • Suggestions for further conceptualisation of ideas of my own
  • Breakthrough my own "tunnel vision" on the topic -
  • better assessment of feasibility and possible risks
  • Important input from scientists "from other fields" and wonderful feedback from "those within the research community"
  • One remains not only at the theoretical level but hears an opinion from practice.